“Life and Death has a peculiar concept. The music in most cases hovers around a dark pop and house approach with a definite psychedelic sensibility.Soulful dance vibes with little pieces of a post-rock attitude. Not immediate dance floor bombs but melodic tunes built around the concept of incorporating influences of its Italian Cosmic Disco and UK/US New Wave and Indie heritage, but without the intention of “reviving” old sounds — instead creating new ones.”


The mantra of Life and Death Records resonates as something rather unique and interesting. Founded by one of our headliners Manfredi Romano a.k.a. DJ TENNIS it is on of the most refreshingly “not normal” record labels of the moment, releasing tracks by heavyweighters Tale of Us, Fur Coat, Booka Shade, Camea, Disorder, Alex Niggemann, Christian Prommer and more.
The mutli-facetted talent that is DJ TENNIS (DJ/producer/promoter/event planner/musician/entrepreneur/chef) will be flying over to Australia this NYD to serve us some delicious musique at Space Ibiza NYD16.


Here are a couple of our favourite DJ TENNIS mixes for your ears and your souls:

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