Inthemix gives Space Ibiza Festival the Thumbs up!

ITM were in the mix at Space Ibiza Festival on New Year’s Day, and from all accounts, had a SICK day. If you don’t have time to read the full review, here’s some excerpts we just had to share.

“While I didn’t attend last year’s inaugural Space Ibiza Festival, the ticketing debacle seemed to dominate all post-event analysis. So I guess there was a certain amount of pressure on Paul Strange and crew to deliver the goods even more so this year, with any kind of stuff-up guaranteed to have the ITM forum posters coming down harder and heavier than Carl Cox’s bass levels. Well, I’m pleased to report that based on what I witnessed, Sydney seems to have itself a new leader of the festival pack.”

ITM on stuff other than the music

“Queues at the bars of any significant length were pretty much non-existent, the layout was easy to negotiate, the sound was superb for an outdoors event (if a little loud at times at the car park stage), there was plenty of room to dance and no overcrowding, and I think best of all, the crowd seemed to be full of like-minded individuals out to listen to quality music and mercifully free of those ‘other kinds’ of festival-goers. Maybe they were over in the Domain.”

Happy ravers at Space Ibiza Festival in Sydney

ITM on the Space Dancers

“Visually, the screens on the mainstage were suitably impressive, while the professional dancers provided lots of eye candy for those interested. I’m not sure they added that much to the experience of the music, although it was very cool to see the dancers silhouetted against the screens after the sun had gone down. I’d give a special mention to the dancers who were pretty much topless save for some carefully positioned glittery material, but my girlfriend may be reading this, and to the posse of horny blokes gathered down the front – it’s rude to stare. Still, I guess that’s what the Space brand is all about – glamour (in the guise of voluptuous women) as well as the music.”

Dancers at Space Ibiza Festival in Sydney

ITM on the Drum and Bass Arena:

“I made sure I did a few random walk-throughs at various points in the day, and every time the place was packed out and everyone seemed to be going nuts. You crazy drum ‘n’ bass kids.”

The Forum drum and bass arena at Space Ibiza Festival in Sydney

ITM on stand-out moments

“Put simply, I think Francois K threw down one of the finest festival DJ sets I’ve ever witnessed…I have a file in the deeper recesses of my memory labelled “Classic DJ sets”. It’s only been updated once or twice in the past couple of years, and was getting increasingly dusty, but I’m pleased to say it’s started 2011 with a new addition. The set really felt like one of those ultra-rare experiences that reminds you why you became interested in dance music in the first place, and re-affirms for you the power of the music to create experiences that you just can’t get anywhere else…if he’s reading this: Mr. Kevorkian, thank you, you’ve made my year, and it’s only a day old.”

ITM on summing up

“I think the strength and success of the day came from the focused music policy, which feeds into attracting a crowd with similar tastes, which feeds into everyone having a damn fine day. While some other events are pursuing a path of increased diversity, the decision by Paul Strange to stick to a handful of respected dance music DJs and acts really paid dividends.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was a great way to start the new year, and it demonstrated that when the music, the crowd, the DJs, the weather, the promoters, the venue, and the ‘mature lady’ dirty dancing on the corner of the misting tent all come together, there’s no better experience than a dance music festival in Sydney.”

Thanks for an awesome review ITM – truly sums it all up. Bring on 2012!

Carl Cox again at Space Ibiza Festival in Sydney

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